Feel like nothing new is happening in your life? Has good old Earth become a boring place? What about spending

2 Minutes in Space ? 

You can do it right now in our new free mobile game!
Just choose a space ship and define the destination: Orion Nebula, Asteroid Belts or the Moon!
Your tactics is easy: avoid missiles and asteroids.
Your mission is almost impossible: stay alive.

How long will you survive? We would give you 2 minutes top!

Download the game and check it out!


For some people, the sky is the limit. For others, it’s just the beginning.
Our mobile game 2 Minutes in Space is an additional proof of it.

2 Minutes in Space is a great free mobile game where your mission is to dodge all deadly missiles coming your way to shoot you down.

Use simple controls to fly your space ship, avoid missiles or make them collide with each other and watch out for asteroids!
Don’t forget to collect gold pieces on your way! This way you will improve your score and enable energy boost, deflector shield, ammunition and all other great things that help you to survive in space!


1. Choose 1 of 12 different Spaceships equipped with lasers, guns or laser cannons:

2. Define the destination

Your tactics are easy: avoid missiles and asteroids, collect gold pieces.

Your mission is almost impossible: challenge space and survive as long as you can!

What the Press says

Alpha Digits
January 29, 2018


This game is a surefire way to escape everyday doldrums and drum up some fun.
Blast off on an adventure with 2 Minutes in Space.

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