Who We Are?

Based in Canary Islands/Spain, we are an indie game studio committed to creating the best mobile games in the gaming industry. Our team of certified game developers brings years of practical experience to the table. Two of our most successful projects, “Planes Control” and “2 Minutes In Space,” have entertained millions of players worldwide.

By establishing our studio as a coworking space for game developers and remote workers from creative industries, we strive to achieve synergy effect with other emerging developers and turn our coworking to one of the best IT/Gaming hubs. Our specialty includes casual games for Android and iOS platforms. We are proud to serve millions of users worldwide with an immersive mobile gaming experience. Be sure to browse through our portfolio if you’re looking for quality entertainment.

What Is Our Mission?

Too many gaming studios focus on creating minimalistic applications and load them with ads in the gaming industry. With Rarepixels, we want to bring quality back to this industry by developing the best mobile games that players can enjoy. Along with that, we recognize how tricky it can be for emerging developers to get proper support for their projects. So, we focus extensively on encouraging these developers by providing an accessible remote working place for them in Tenerife/Canary Islands.

How We Plan To Achieve It?

To create the best mobile games in the industry, we rely on our diversified team of designers and developers. By coworking with seasoned game developers, we enhance the productivity and flow of creative ideas. It creates the perfect environment for our team to develop innovative designs and immersive concepts for the players.

Aside from the “Planes Control” and “2 Minutes In Space,” we have multiple projects lined for the next few years. As the player base grows, we will expand our mobile games’ scope by adding more genres for a diversified player base. With that said, we hope you have an incredible gaming experience with our projects.